Structuring A Divorce When You Plan To Live Together

Posted on: 12 April 2017

Sometimes the marriage does not work out, even when you and your spouse get along. If you and your current spouse no longer feel like married partners, but you still get along as friends and parents very well, it can be a good idea to remain in the home together. Often married couples who divorce end up with bad credit or struggling financially due to taking care of marital debt but having their income cut. If you and your spouse are on good terms, you can always remain in the home together. Here are some points of business to take care of in order to live together. 

Structure who pays which bills

Depending on the income and projected income of you and your spouse, you should get the bills split in the divorce decree for the home that you will remain in. This will detail who is responsible for which bills and how much each person has to pay per month on the mortgage. Getting this taken care of up front will make things easier because it will cut down on possible fights that could sour the living situation. Having monetary contributions squared away in the divorce decree will structure remaining in the same home in the same way as the lease. 

Split up the furniture

If you have furniture in the home that you will remain in, be sure to split up the furniture within the divorce. This way if someone wants to make a change to a room, they can only change up the furniture that the own. Fairly dividing up the furniture mean that everyone will get nearly the same value or pieces from the home. Speaking to one another about any major changes, such as an entire living room overhaul is a good idea, especially since you will likely both earn furniture from the room. 

Divide up the child and pet care

The child care and pet care can sometimes naturally fall on one spouse or the other. If the two of you have kids and pets together, work up a custody agreement. The custody agreement will detail who is responsible for the kids which weekends and vacations. As newly single people, this can be important if you intend on going out and having friends trips or meeting new individuals to date. It is also a good idea to determine how the bills for the pets and children will be divided up so that each person has a fair amount to provide for the family. 

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