Three Careers From Which You Can Smoothly Transition To Court Reporting

Posted on: 9 July 2018

If you've always been interested in the legal system and you're looking to change careers, court reporting might be a new profession that suits you. This is an industry that is growing at a rate of about three percent annually, notes the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so there are likely some opportunities to work at this job in your area. Of course, you'll need to get properly trained, but you may find that your current career shares some similarities with court reporting, and that can make the transition to this new and exciting profession easier for you. Here are some careers from which this work transition can be easy.

Administrative Assistant

There are definitely some attributes that administrative assistants possess that work well in the field of court reporting. As an admin assistant, you're likely used to listening while your boss talks and taking notes. In many cases, you may sit in on meetings, meticulously write what people are saying, and then compile this information into a proper document, complete with the minutes of the meeting and a number of items that require action. In court reporting, being able to type quickly and accurately, similar to how you've worked as an admin assistant, is critical.


A court reporter spends much of his or her day writing. While a journalist does the same, these two positions aren't identical, although there are definitely some parallels between the two. Journalists need to be quick at taking notes and ensuring that they're accurate. When you're quoting someone, you need to be precise; you can't paraphrase what someone has said and write it down as a direct quote. This is also true in court reporting, as they attorneys will need to consult the court transcripts and need to read exactly what people have previously said during the trial. This skill of accuracy can make this career shift easier for you.

TV Production

Not every job under the vast umbrella of TV production will make for an easy transition to court reporting. However, if you've previously worked for a TV production crew and have experience with providing closed captioning for live broadcasts, you'll find that there are a number of parallels between this work and court reporting. You'll already be proficient with listening to people talking and writing down what they're saying, this is the goal of closed captioning and also of court reporting.

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