When You Need To Call A Workers' Compensation Attorney

Posted on: 3 December 2018

When you have been injured while performing a task for your employer, you need to file a claim with the company's workers' compensation insurance agency. This will cover all your medical bills as well as pay your wages while you cannot work. This type of situation is generally pretty cut and dry. You file the claim, the employer signs off on it, and you receive your settlement. However, sometimes things don't go as planned. When there is a problem and you do not get the money you need to recuperate, you should start looking around for a workers' compensation attorney. Here are just a few times when you are going to need legal help.

Your Employer Argues The Case

It is possible that your employer will deny or argue that anything happened to you. While this can create problems with you receiving your money in a timely fashion, a lawyer can help get the documentation you need to show that what you claim is true. This can include talking to other workers, going to the site of the accident to look for any evidence, going over your medical records, and getting proof that you were in fact at work or doing work for the company when the injury occurred. 

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you had a previous injury in the same location as the new one, it can be difficult for the workers' compensation insurance agency to determine how much you have been affected by the new accident. While the old injury could be the reason this accident created problems, it could also be that the new injury has made the old one even worse. You will need legal help to ensure that all the medical records are included in the new claim. In addition, your lawyer can help you find third-party doctors who can best explain the correlation between the old and new injuries so you will receive the compensation you deserve.

The Settlement Offer Is Not Enough

If the insurance settlement is not enough to pay all the current medical bills, recompense your lost wages, and provide enough coverage for future medical bills, it is time to hire a lawyer. Having someone who will negotiate with the insurance company and be willing to take the case to court may be the only way you will get all the money you have coming to you.

By all means, file the workers' compensation claim form and fill out all the required paperwork with your employer. However, if things do not go the way you need them to go, call for legal help. 

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