When Do You Know It's Time To Bring A Lawyer In On Your Workers Comp Case?

Posted on: 27 May 2019

Employers carry workers compensation insurance for good reason. In the event you get injured on the job, this insurance steps up and pays for your time off of work and your medical care. In a lot of cases, workers comp insurance acts just as it is supposed to; a worker gets injured on the job, files a claim, and workers comp pays the employee a fair amount. Unfortunately, this process sometimes gets a little muddled. Sometimes, workers who have been injured do need an attorney to help, but how do you know when it is time to bring in legal assistance? Here are a few situations when you should. 

You have sustained an injury that has left you with a permanent disability. 

Permanent disability workers comp claims can get really complicated. Your injury will undoubtedly leave you unable to perform at the same capacity as you did before, and it may leave you unable to work at all. Workers compensation insurance companies rarely want to offer fair settlements to people who have been injured in such a way that it will change how they live the rest of their life. In any case where a permanent disability is involved, it is best to seek legal counsel. 

You have to be off of work for a long period of time. 

The longer you have to be off of work, the more likely it will be that workers comp insurers will balk at the idea of paying you for the duration of your time off. Even if your injuries are pretty substantial and you require a long amount of time to recuperate, the insurer oftentimes will get pretty defensive about wanting to continue to pay you. It is best to go ahead and seek legal advice if you are going to be off of work for a while. 

You have an existing injury that was exacerbated. 

Existing injuries are a fickle thing where workers comp claims are concerned. Insurers will try really hard to claim your existing injury is solely your own problem, even if the injury was severely exacerbated at work. for instance, if you have had issues with a weak knee because of a car accident, and then you slip and fall at work and cause further damage to that knee, you may have a hard time with workers comp. It is generally a good idea to bring in a workers compensation attorney right from the beginning during these types of claims.