Why Having an Association Attorney is Important

Posted on: 11 September 2020

Whether you live in a condominium or a town home complex you might find that there is a homeowner's association attached to it. This can be a good thing because they help to regulate what is expected of the homeowners as well as get things done such as repairs, maintenance, and landscaping. While there typically shouldn't be any legal problems sometimes issues can arise and you might need some legal help. Why having an association attorney is important to any homeowner's association and how they can help.

Help Board Members Understand Legal Documents and Laws

Community and homeowner's associations are legal entities and they are bound by documents and contracts to be responsible for certain items. These items might be complicated for some members to understand. An association attorney can help board members and even the homeowners themselves to understand these legal documents. A lawyer can help interpret the laws governing the association and what they are expected to do for the community. They can help board members and homeowners alike determine who is responsible for certain maintenance tasks of the property, who is responsible for repairs and upgrades, and more. They make it clear when its the association's responsibility and when the homeowner is responsible.

Make Changes to the Documents

An association attorney is able to make changes to any legal documents governing the association as well. This can include any architectural changes such as building more units or a secondary tower on the property. They can also help to amend with the builders or developers onsite how tall a tower can be and what should be included on the grounds. The lawyer can modify how many members the board can have and either increase or decrease the number depending on the needs of the association and the homeowners. The lawyer can also draw up new legal documents for either an existing association or for a brand new one.

Help to Collect Monies Owed to the Association

Sometimes homeowners don't always pay what they are expected to pay to the association, and this money can help pay for maintenance costs and repairs. If there are homeowners who aren't paying their share to the association, an association attorney can help collect any money owed through legal means.

This means they can impose late fees, revoke privileges, place a lien on the property or even file a lawsuit. For more extreme measures such as these, the association will need the help of a lawyer and must work within the guidelines of the governing documents.