Critical Measures After Colliding With A Taxi Driver

Posted on: 6 October 2022

You have a right to seek compensation if you suffer losses in a crash caused by a cab driver. Therefore, it is essential that you understand how to hold the party at fault accountable and get your rightful compensation. The most effective way to gain knowledge of the steps to take is by contacting an auto accident injury lawyer at the first possible opportunity after the collision. They counsel you to take the measures discussed below to increase your chance of getting justice.

Measures to Take After the Crash 

Start by getting a medical examination from the emergency response professionals who will come to the scene. This will help determine the seriousness of your injuries and ascertain whether you need specialized treatment. If you can move around safely, take photos and video of the crash scene, the road, the state of the weather, and road signs. You also need to take photos of your injuries and vehicle damage. Afterward, get the cab driver's contact and insurance details, and obtain witness statements from bystanders and other parties. Also advisable is obtaining a copy of the police report before leaving the crash scene.

Your legal advisor will use this information to prepare your claim. Even so, they will likely gather more evidence to make your case stronger. Additionally, they may have expert witnesses explain how your condition will impact your life. These measures are geared towards enabling you to get a favorable payment.

Negotiating a Settlement

You will likely face several challenges when seeking compensation. For instance, the taxi company might argue that the cab driver wasn't on the clock when the accident occurred. Therefore, they may argue that they're not liable for your injuries. On the other hand, the insurance company can argue that you bore pre-existing injuries before the taxi collision. Hence, they may allege that you have to cater for your own medical and other expenses. In these cases, you will benefit greatly from working with a lawyer. They're skilled at presenting compelling evidence to establish that the taxi driver was fully to blame for the collision and your losses.

Your attorney will then negotiate to assist you in getting the most favorable payment possible. Thus, their intervention can enable you to get payments to foot your doctors' fees. You may also get compensation for rehabilitation, counseling, health equipment, and other medical costs. Your settlement may also cover the wages you lose and the suffering you undergo because of the accident.

Consult with a car accident lawyer to find out more.