Why There Might Be Limits To Your Medical Malpractice Claim

Posted on: 30 April 2020

There is no limit to how much a hospital may be able to bill you in response to a medical treatment that you receive. However, in the majority of states, there is a limit to how much you may sue a doctor for medical malpractice. This limit can vary from state to state, and it's important to know this limit when you seek compensation. Economic Vs. Non-Economic Damages When a state has a medical malpractice cap, the courts will not award damages higher than the cap.
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What Is So Different About Gross Negligence?

Posted on: 26 March 2020

When initially talking about a case with a personal injury lawyer, it's common for a prospective client to hear the term "negligence" thrown around. If the case involves extremely bad conduct on the part of the defendant, this may even lead to a discussion of gross negligence. What is gross negligence, and why does it matter? Gross vs. Ordinary Negligence The simplest way to define gross negligence involves comparing it to its more common legal cousin, ordinary negligence.
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Top 5 Things To Know If You Are Accused Of A Crime You Did Not Commit

Posted on: 26 February 2020

There are times when the police get it wrong and innocent people end up being faced with accusations of crimes they did not commit. If you ever find yourself in this position, there are five things you need to know. Here are the top five things you should know that will help you understand how to handle the situation in the best way when facing wrongful charges. 1. If You Discover a Crime, Report It
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Three Things You Should Know About The Services Of A Probate Attorney

Posted on: 24 January 2020

If you have experienced the death of a parent, there is certainly grief and mourning that every son or daughter goes through. But if you have been named the executor of your parent's will, it will be up to you to go through the probate process. Probate attorneys offer a variety of services that can assist you through this process. The following are a few things you should be aware of.
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